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Peter rabbit drawing with lots of vegetables


This term we start a new transdisciplinary theme is Sharing the Planet.   Our focus will be on living things, behaviour, well-being, communication, growth, self and change.   

Our central idea is: 

Human kind behaviour can improve the well-being of other living things.’

Our theme for our third term will be based around “Sharing the Planet”. Our Central idea is Human Kind behaviour can improve the well-being of other living things. We can use this to help us get to know how our behaviour can impact others.

We can also use this theme and our central idea as a base to focus some lines of inquiry and questions.

  1. How do humans help or hurt the Earth?
  2. What are the things that humans and animals need to survive?
  3. How do we share the planet ?
  4. What are Earth’s natural resources? 
  5. How do we use natural resources?
  6. Why should we reduce, reuse, recycle ? 

Key concepts :

  • Causation – Why is it the way it is?
  • Form – What is it like? 










What can you do at home to help? 

  • Tapestry App: through Tapestry, you will have the opportunity to view your child’s learning at school.  We would really love parents to also upload observations from home, so that we can have a holistic approach towards your child’s learning journey. 
  • Homework: Children will be given a homework menu with a selection of challenges to have a go at. It would be wonderful if you can support the children with this and share their work on Tapestry once complete. 
  • Reading: We would encourage the children to read for at least 10 minutes a day. This can be a mixture of their school reading book, books/comics that they already have at home. Once your child has read please record this in their reading log so that we can celebrate this with them. 
  • PE will be taught on a Wednesday. Please make sure your child comes into school in their PE kit.

Family Learning Grid for Sharing the Planet

Below is a list of family learning options for this half term around our learning on ‘Sharing the Planet.’ Please talk to your child to decide which activity you would like to do together each week. Parents/carers are welcome to scribe for children and share what you have learnt about together, and it would be lovely to see children’s learning through making models, drawings, scribed quotes or some writing. Family learning should be completed and uploaded onto an observation in Tapestry once a week, which we will share in class with your child. 

In addition to this, teachers will share a variety of learning videos for example phonics, maths or letter formation, which can be accessed through Tapestry. It would be wonderful if you could share these at home with your child.




Sharing the Planet

Spring 1 (2021)

Below is a list of Family Learning options for this half term  around the topic ‘Sharing the Planet’ One Family Learning option should be completed each week due in on Tuesday please upload to Tapestry. In addition to this there will be some phonics homework which will be added weekly. Phonics Homework will be sent out on a Friday and due in on the following Friday.  Please upload onto Tapestry.


I can create an animal Story!

Can you make up your own story? (Give a picture prompt or object to support). What happens at the beginning/middle/end? Someone could scribe the story for you or record you performing it.

Upload via Tapestry

My favourite activity

Choose your favourite activity  and draw a picture of it.  What information can you tell us about your favourite activity? Where do you do the activity? Where do you do this activity? Someone could scribe for you or record you talking and upload onto Tapestry. 

Animal Fact File

Can you make an animal fact file  about your favourite animal.  Where does it live? What does it eat? How big is it? Is it’s environment being affected by humans? (e.g. turtles being affected by the plastic waste in our oceans).  Can you use the internet, books, magazines, television programmes, to find some facts about your chosen animal?

All About Me

Can you write some instructions for others  about what you could do to help your local environment become more animal friendly?  Can you make a toad hole, a bird feeder, a bug hotel, plant some animal/insect friendly plants in your garden?

Create your own Vets

Can you set up your own pretend vets at home? Can you talk about using money? Can you make a patient list? What sort of animals would you see?  Please take photos and upload them to Tapestry.

Animal habitats

 Can you build your own animal habitat with your family? How many animals  can fit inside? Can you carry out role play? Can you write labels for it? Please take photos and upload them to Tapestry.

Plastic/Packaging Waste Collage

Create a collage made from plastic waste  (e.g. bottle lids, yoghurt pots, crisp packets, packaging etc.). What have you made? (E.g. an animal, a face, a habitat etc.) What does it feel like? Can you label it?

Upload via Tapestry.

Spring Walk

How many natural objects can you find? (Link to counting.) Can you find one more? Can you draw the objects? Can you label them with numbers? Can you stop any signs of Spring? Please take photos and upload them to Tapestry.

Your Choice

Choose anything you’d like to do relating to the Theme ‘Sharing the Planet”

Upload via Tapestry.


Please use Tapestry to enter when your child has achieved something special at home which you are proud of.  We will download from Tapestry and print out your comments which will  be shared with the class and  displayed on our ‘Talking Thinking Tree’ which is in our classroom.   As we have shared and sent home your special bags you kindly did for our tree is looking quite bare.  Please help us fill it up with lots of positive comments about your child.  Your children are amazing, let’s celebrate this!

Don’t forget to read every day and record this in your reading record book.


Many thanks for your continuing support.  

Mrs Elliott and Mrs Rayner

Peter rabbit illustration

Children from the EYFS class sharing their learning from this term…