Our Assessment Philosophy

The purpose of assessment at Allhallows Primary Academy is to provide information on the students’ learning, identify areas where consolidation is needed and to extend the children’s understanding. We believe that assessment is an ongoing process of gathering, analysing, reflecting and acting on evidence of student learning to inform teaching. 

At Allhallows Primary academy we believe assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. We think it is central to the PYP goal of thoughtfully and effectively guiding the students through five key elements of learning: 

  • the acquisition of knowledge 
  • the understanding of concepts 
  • the mastering of skills 
  • the development of attitudes 
  • the decision to take action

As part of assessment at Allhallows Primary Academy students are assessed in a range of ways as part of summative and formative assessment. For more information on these forms of assessment and our approach to feedback please see our policy below.

Assessment & Feedback Policy