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In June 2015, the Academy achieved a rating of ‘Good’ in its Ofsted inspection.

  • Achievement has improved. All groups of pupils make good progress from their different starting points and achieve well overall.
  • Teaching is good and improving. Teachers engage pupils well in their lessons. There are very positive and trusting relationships between teachers and pupils so pupils work hard and want to do well.
  • Pupils have good attitudes to learning. They behave well and are friendly, polite and caring of each other. Attendance is improving.
  • Pupils feel safe in school and arrangements for keeping them safe are effective and meet all requirements.
  • The early years provision is good. Children enjoy their learning and work and play together very well. They develop good levels of confidence and independence.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted very well. Pupils know and understand the school’s values and help to promote them through their good attitudes and conduct.
  • The head of school and the executive headteacher provide very effective leadership for the school and have successfully improved teaching and achievement.
  • Governors challenge and support the school well and hold leaders to account effectively for their work.
  • The Trust supports the school very well as part of its family of schools and brings increased capacity so that the school is well placed to improve further.
  • This is a friendly, welcoming and happy school. The only thing pupils said they would improve would be to ‘come on Saturday and Sunday’.

Since this inspection Allhallows staff have worked in partnership with other academies across the trust and schools locally to develop best practice.

The leadership and staff at Allhallows are driven by the visions and values of the Trust and the Academy.

At Allhallows Primary Academy we believe that we should “be the difference”, which pushes us as individuals and as a team to go that extra bit further and achieve our individual and collaborative goals.


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